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Hospice N1 of Saint Petersburg, Primirsky region (Lachta).

Hospice N1 "Lachta" is the first hospice in Russia and SAINT PETERSBURG. It is located in the historic place where Peter I rescued fishermen. A chapel was established here in the name of the apostles Peter and Pavel.

In the year 1903 on the property of the baroness Olga Fermor-Schteinbrock, a hospital for the poor, dispensary, and church were built.

Hospice N1 was opened in 1990 under the direction of the Department of Public Health, Primorskij District through the efforts of Victor Zorza, an english author. Amoungst its founders were the academician D.G.Lihatcev, writer D.Granin, and Patriarch of all Russia, Aleksij II.

Our hospice is state-funded, servicing the Primorskij district with a population of 400 thousand. We render medical, psychological, social and spiritual support to terminally ill cancer patients and their relatives. Our Hospice has two componets - A hospice house with room for 30 patients and a homecare division servicing more than 250.

Hospice N1 supports relationships with the world hospice community. Primary among these is the Britain-Russia Hospice Society.

We would be happy to hear from anyone interested in palliative care for terminally ill oncology patients.

Hospice address:
197229 g.SAINT PETERSBURG, Lachtinskij prospekt, 98
tel. 238-21-56 president Galina Aleksandrovna Moskalenko.

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